Thank you for your donation.

Your support today of Migrant Farmworkers is appreciated. 


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Your support of the Migrant Farmworkers Project means you are, 

  • Providing access to needed services of migrant farmworkers
  • Addressing the holistic needs of migrant farmworkers including physical, mental and spiritual health
  • Building welcoming relationships and spaces with workers
  • Supporting those engaged with migrant farmworkers


Your financial gifts mean migrant farmworkers can access at no cost,

  • The delivery of groceries and personal care items for those who may be quarantined or unable to get to the grocery store
  • Pre-Covid - Community dinners on Sundays for migrant farmworkers with transportation to and from their residence
  • Bikes ($20 fee) & bike repair for migrant farmworkers
  • Clothing program
  • Workplace and home visits by Rev. Antonio Illas
  • Spiritual, liturgical and pastoral care
  • Medical clinics with volunteer translators


Please also consider,

  • Volunteering your time and skills                                    
  • Donating new or used bicycles
  • Donating clothing
  • Encouraging your family, friends, workplace, church community, clubs you belong to, and beyond to get involved


Please contact the Reverend Antonio Illas by email at or call phone 905-685-3500.


For Clothing donations please connect with Caron Edwards at or call 905-563-4753.


Your gifts of finances, time and sharing your relationships make all the differance in the lives of Migrant Farmworkers.


Thank you.

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