Each year over 4,000 Migrant Farmworkers become our neighbours in the Niagara Region for about 5 to 8 months of the year. Of this, about half are Spanish speakers from Mexico and parts of Central America. The seasonal workers leave their families and communities to work for the wineries, farms and greenhouses that bring your Ontario grown produce, flowers and wines.

The Migrant Farmworkers Project engages the seasonal farmworkers, farmers, community partners, and volunteers to work together. The Project provides the seasonal workers access to needed services to address their holistic needs including physical, mental and spiritual. The Migrant Farmworkers Project builds welcoming relationships and spaces with seasonal workers and supports those engaged with the workers.

Specifically, the Project engages the migrant farmworkers’ community by operating several programs including a Bikes and reflective vests for Farmworkers Program; health clinic with translators; clothing bank and welcome kits; a community meal most Sunday evenings between February to September; and spiritual, liturgical and pastoral care in Spanish.

We are all connected. We need our farms.

  • Our food comes from farms.
  • Our wineries need the grapes and fruit grown on our farms.
  • Our farm equipment industry needs farms.
  • Our economy depends on farms.
  • Many farms need migrant workers.

Our Mission

The migrant farm worker's project engages with farmers, community partners and migrant workers in the Niagara Region. We assist farmworkers, establish beneficial relationships, integrate workers into our community and improve their access to healthcare and other services.

Partners & Sponsors