Complimentary Meals

Prior to COVID-19 from February to September, the Migrant Farmworkers Project provided a complimentary community meal for the migrant farmworkers and volunteers. This was a time to provide a good meal that the workers did not need to prepapre themselves after a long week of work. It was also an opportunity to develop friendships and have some fun.

If you would like to provide a meal during COVID-19 you are welcome to give grocery gift cards, pre-papckaged foods, and perishables. We will ensure your generous gifts are delivered in a timely manner to the Migrant Farmworkers who may be quarantined or simply do not have the means to travel into town to pick up groceries. Thank you fro your compassionate care. 

Please contact Caron Edwards, 905-563-4753 or for more information to make a donation.